Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Watch parts and junk jewelry

Okay, so "What the HELL would you do with these?" Countless ideas come to mind to use watch parts and junk jewelry. Two of my most favorite supplies!

I love to make little people either on magnets or making them into pendants. I'd like to introduce "Robo Hot". Please forgive my photography. Scanning came out worse.

When I get my junk jewelry lots I have to divy them up right away. I just can't wait. Really. Some of the less known categories (or are they?) I make are arms & legs, bodies and hair. You know there are those earrings from the 80's that when you turn them upside down they are hair. So do you see any of your junk jewelry this way?

Robo Hot's hair was made using keychains. Her face is a watch movement, watch hand for a tie and junk jewelry for the rest of her. Oops she does have earrings on made from some kind of fishing findings. Whoever knew we would refer to fishing supplies as findings.

So "What the HELL" do you make with this stuff? Send me some pics and I'll post them!

1 comment:

Minx said...

She's way cool, i love the hair, thats just brillant!