Monday, February 9, 2009

I said worse than "What the HELL!?!"

Okay, less than a week ago I found out that Texas Womens University was having a Valentines Holiday show. I had tried to get hold of them for the last month to confirm this and was unable to. Just messed up communication. So anyway 6 days before the show I get an application. Yikes. I had nothing ready because the last 3 shows were so successful I was out of everything. Good and bad.

So, I'm preparing for the show tomorrow fast and furiously and while working on my silverplate flatware (an upcoming WTHW post), the drill bit breaks and I drill into my thumbnail. No, I didn't scream out "What the HELL!?!, I screamed out the "F" word loud and clear. Now this is the second time my left thumb has been hit by the drill at full speed. The first time the drill bit broke on me was last year and the drill hit right into my knuckle, hard. That was extremely painful and the tetanus shot was just as painful (it takes a day for your arm to get sore). Now drilling into your thumbnail isn't much better. Luckily I drilled the hole in the middle of the nail, to the meat and broke some nail, but my reactions are good, thank goodness, and I pulled back fast. If not it would have been really, really bad. Emergency room bad. Needles into the thumb bad. I probably should have gone, but WHAT THE HELL are they going to do? I already had the tetanus shot. Tylenol actually helped. Some. Where are the leftover pain pills when you need them?

So the point of this story is.....Use the drill press for the smaller pieces so that you don't get your fingers so close. Really. I won't do this a third time. But I just bought the drill press the other day and since time was running out, I didn't have time to figure out how to use it. Big mistake.
Oh and make sure you wear goggles! That I do every time.


Bridgett said...

I hope your thumb recovers quickly. I have cut my fingers more times than I can count (rotary cutters are dangerous little animals when you're not careful). Good luck at your show and be sure to take a few pics for us!
I really enjoy your blog :)

lisavollrath said...


Mary's Madness said...

Sharp cuts are bad! Even paper cuts! One thing I have discovered is that I don't have to use my left thumb to type. I never knew that before! You gotta find something good out of everything, right?

vintagepix said...

Ow, ow, ow.... Talk about suffering for your art! But at least we can learn from your injuries.